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Danièle and Jean-Pierre

ADRIEM members for about a year, we got to know Junyan last November during a meeting organized by the association.

Junyan is a young Chinese native of Canton who studies at Excelia La Rochelle.

Since this first contact, we have had the opportunity to host her at home several times to share meals but also to discuss a lot of “little things”. She is always curious and interested in discovering our lifestyle and of course our cuisine, she particularly appreciates homemade vegetable soups!

For her part, she introduced us to “real” Cantonese rice and chrysanthemum tea.

I think she also really enjoyed the Sunday picnic on the Ile de Ré under a beautiful spring sun.

It is also with pleasure that we supported her during her internship search when she was apprehensive about being in an exclusively French team. And of course, she was able to integrate perfectly into the hospitality business.

Junyan is still in La Rochelle for a few months and we are delighted to share more good times with her by introducing her to other places and other specialties.

Danièle and Jean-Pierre