Museum of Automatons and Scale Models

Two vast rooms of exhibitions which propose to you on a side more than 300 characters in movement, and on the other of many reproductions of cars, old boats…

12-14 rue de la Désirée at La Rochelle
+33(0) 5 46 41 68 08

Bunker in La Rochelle

A 300m bunker in the city center to discover the history of the city from 1939 to May 8, 1945. Built in the greatest secrecy in 1941 to protect the officers of German submarines from bombs, it has remained intact since 1945 and is now finally open to the public

8 rue des Dames at La Rochelle
+33(0) 5 46 42 52 89

Maritime Museum

As a testimony to the maritime history of La Rochelle, the maritime museum allows visitors to discover the maritime activity on the Atlantic coast, notably through permanent and temporary exhibitions

Place Bernard Moitessier at La Rochelle
+33(0) 5 46 28 03 00

Natural History Museum

A scientific institution, labeled “Musée de France”, located in the heart of the city for almost two centuries, it is both a place of conservation, presentation and exchange of knowledge

28 rue Albert 1er, La Rochelle
+33(0) 5 46 41 18 25

New World Museum

It illustrates the relations that France, and in particular La Rochelle, has had with the Americas since the 16th century.

10 rue Fleuriau at La Rochelle 
+33(0) 5 46 41 46 50

The Student House/Culture Area

Offers artistic workshops such as theater, singing or astronomy

Exhibition Centre

rue Henri Barbusse
+33(0) 5 46 30 08 50

L’espace Encan

Place for shows and concerts.

Quai Louis Prunier
+33(0) 5 46 45 90 90

Amelot Square

Cultural space that develops an artistic and cultural project around the emergence: emergence of the public, in particular the young public, emergence of the artists, by accompanying them in their creations, and emergence of the amateur artistic practices. Each season offers shows, exhibitions, workshops, residencies, festivals and cultural activities.

10 bis rue Amelot at La Rochelle
+33(0) 5 46 51 14 70

The Sirène

In the district of La Pallice in La Rochelle, near the commercial port, La Sirène is the space dedicated to current music in the agglomeration

11 boulevard Delmas at La Rochelle 
+33(0) 5 46 56 46 62