Heritage and tourism

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Walks around La Rochelle – The towns of the Charente countryside

(30 km)

City with a strong port and maritime character on the banks of the Charente.

Must see: The Corderie Royale, the refits, the Hermione, the Maritime Museum, the Old Trade Museum, and the transporter bridge over the Charente.

The official site to consult is : https://www.rochefort-ocean.com

Brouage (60 km)

Small fortified village from the 16th century.

Take a tour of the city on the ramparts which dominate the marshes and the surrounding oyster farms.

The official site to consult is : https://www.brouage-tourisme.fr

Saintes (75 km)

Capital of the province of Saintonge until the French Revolution then prefecture of Charente-Inférieure, until it was supplanted by La Rochelle in 1810.

A city with an important thousand-year-old heritage group: Gallo-Roman, medieval and classical.

The official site to consult is : https://www.saintes-tourisme.fr